ARCAT Specifications (Commercial Range)

Are you an architect looking for gun range design plans?


ARCAT is the #1 most-used website for finding building product information. The ARCAT site offers the most extensive, most consistent, and most up to date CAD, BIM, and specification libraries available anywhere. All of their specifications are available in multiple formats for both MF ’95 and 2020 and CSC making it simple for anyone to use them.

Dealing with the details

Building and maintaining a range raises a lot of questions: Courseware. Ventilation. Lead abatement. General environmental concerns. Zoning regulations. Proper range equipment. The list seems endless. That’s why many range owners turn to InVeris’ range professionals. Our team of experts, from engineering to sales, streamline this process. They can help guide you through every step, from the research and bid process through range design, construction and maintenance.

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