Virtual Reality Training System (Military)

InVeris' Virtual Reality System offers the most realistic military training environments and scenarios
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Virtual reality from <h2-purple>the world's most experienced<h2-purple> provider of simulation training systems

Limitless Scenarios

With features such as scenario authoring, PTT/dynamic instructor-led communication and scalability of curriculum, the Virtual Reality System branches into a new level of virtual training

Train on a larger scale

Utilize up to a 30' x 30' field with up to two users per session

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable 3D experience

The HTC Vive Pro Eye Wireless Headset provides a 360-degree, lifelike field of view that immerses trainees in visceral, real-world environments

Customizable environments include:

  • Military bases
  • Office and business parks
  • A variety of street options for urban, rural, and highway settings
  • Inside and outside of houses
  • Jail and prison blocks

Additional features include:

Turn key package, independently operating unit (no wifi needed), supports over a dozen types of lethal and non-lethal weapons

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S-VR Virtual Reality Training System
VR-DT Virtual Reality Training System

Military Virtual Training


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