Military Mortar Simulator

Add indirect fire mortars to increase training realism
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Integrate with <h2-purple>precision and accuracy<h2-purple> with three simulators: M224 60MM, M252 81MM and 120MM

Provides scalable and versatile training exercises

Easily integrate mortar simulators into the FATS 100MIL system providing comprehensive preparation and combat readiness

Replicate the call for fire

Includes three each of High Explosive (HE), White Phosphorous (WP) and Illumination (ILLUM) simulated rounds and using modified CFE bipods

Position & Plot

InVeris’ mortar simulators do not require a direct line of sight with the SAT projection screen in indirect fire mode. Once in position, a Forward Observer (FO) or squad commander will view the small-arms training scenario. An additional crew member will perform the Fire Direction Center (FDC) function and can use any methodology of plotting.

Realistic recoil and ballistics

Recoil to disturb the operator’s perspective requires the trainee to achieve a properly aligned or compensated sight picture during each adjustment.

After-Action Review (AAR)

Instructors can evaluate deflection, elevation and landing place for every round fired to provide the most credible training experience

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Mortar Simulator

Military Virtual Training


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