FATS® 100MIL Virtual Training System

Realistic training experiences they’ll remember in action
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A turn-key simulation experience with expanded weapons training for <h2-purple>where it counts most.<h2-purple>

Combining 3D Marksmanship with Collective and Judgmental Training

Trainees experience photorealistic 3D terrain and 3D targets with natural occultation and high-fidelity environmental effects creating an all-encompassing immersive training platform.

Train using real weapons

Assign up to 60 InVeris’ patented wireless BlueFire® direct and indirect weapons for up to 15 trainees for concurrent exercises.

Collective training in tactical environments with VBS (Virtual Battlespace) 3-based

VBS3-based training mode allows training on three screens with panoramic views, using existing weapons and courseware.

Enhanced diagnostics with intelligent Automatic Coaching

Automatically highlight trainee results for reinforcement or correction including utilization reports.

Seamless integration via a Unified User Interface (UUI)

Consistent interface for ease of use, include dark color themes conducive to low-light conditions

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FATS® 100MIL Virtual Training System

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