BlueFire® Weapon Simulators (Military)

InVeris' Signature Weapons Technology—smart weapon simulators with a full range of motion
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Maintaining the <h2-purple>freedom, form, fit and function<h2-purple> of the original weapon using wireless communications and providing the same accurate, real-time training diagnostics as tethered weapon simulators.

A continually expanding firearms library for your training essentials

Available in over 300 variants including Glock, Sig, S&W, GLX, Browning, H&K, Taser, Beretta

Recoil and refill, quickly and easily

Weapon recoil is achieved with a rechargeable magazine of compressed gas, delivered via a proprietary fill station. Magazines are refilled in just a few seconds with a quick depression of the handle with either compressed air or nitrogen

Action and Reaction

The After-Action Review (AAR) allows engagement and shot assessment in a 3D virtual environment, while providing detailed trainee diagnostics for skill reinforcement or correction

Tethered simulated weapons: Matching military requirements

Judgmental training tolerances within 10% of live weapon weight and center of gravity provides the highest degree of weapon control and feedback

Customizable solutions

We support many virtual weapon systems worldwide and can also convert any weapon type into a use-of-force simulator to meet your needs, including less-lethal options and even special courseware

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BlueFire® Weapon Simulators

Military Virtual Training


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