Military Shoot House Optimized for Tactical Training (SHOTT™)

Not your typical shoot house: an integrated tactical training facility with live fire and virtual simulation
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<h2-purple>Realistically prepare your force<h2-purple> for the tough situations of dense-population warfare: close quarter battle (CQB) and military operations in urban terrain (MOUT)

Critical skills training

Put your defense forces faces to face with scenarios of forced entry, room navigation and clearing, team tactics, civilian sensitivity and judgmental shoot-or-don’t-shoot engagements

You dream it, we build it

The SHOTT house delivers key training elements including 360-degree ballistically secure shoot house in fixed or modular configurations, with high-impact shooting walls

Full spectrum collective training

Virtual simulation provides judgmental scenarios for real-world conflict resolution, live-fire target system provide practice for friend/foe situations.

Ballistically safe and sound

SHOTT House incorporates a unique containment system that eliminates ricochet, splatter, bounce back and dust, creating a cleaner and safer shooting environment. Walls are removable for bullet fragment clean out.

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Shoot House Optimized for Tactical Training (SHOTT™)

Military Live-Fire Training


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