Entry Control Point Moving Target (ECPMT)

Offer trainees a realistic view of an approaching vehicle in an entry point scenario employing state-of-the-art communication
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Provides scenarios with checkpoint breaches, tactical moving targets and security checkpoints

How it works

Trainees face a 3D moving target, replicating an oncoming truck moving on a serpentine track, designed to replicate a vehicle approaching and negotiating zig-zag Jersey barriers

What it does

The mover detects hits upon the grille area, driver and passenger, and if the driver or grille area is hit, the vehicle comes to a stop

How you use it

Using scenario scripting, the operator can select different engagement requirements for mission success, ultimately stopping the vehicle and taking it out of commission

Versatile use

The ECPMT is designed to work stand-alone or integrated into an existing InVeris range. You can fire on the target with ammunition up to .50 caliber

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Entry Control Point Moving Target (ECPMT)

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