Virtual Reality Training System

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Bringing the power of virtual reality police training, scenario authoring and simulated weapons <h2-purple>to a 3D environment<h2-purple>

Immersion in real world conflicts for real world training

The HTC Vive Pro Eye Wireless Headsets provides a 360-degree, life-like field of view that immerses trainees in visceral, real-world environments

Author your own scenarios

Customize scenarios to fit your area, your community and your requirements

Scalable and Robust

Using just a 10'x10' space, the Virtual Reality System offers enhanced capabilities like Push to Talk (PTT) and After Action Review (AAR)

Realistic Scenario Library, with Branching Outcomes

From offices to schools, jails, traffic stops and domestics, the VR video content offers all applications, from use-of-force, de-escalation or active shooter, to person-in-crisis response

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S-VR Training System
VR-DT Training System

Law Enforcement Virtual Training


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