FATS® 300LE Immersive Training System

Immersion in 5 screens: A 300° field of view puts you in the action
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Today’s law enforcement officers need to be ready for the unexpected threat, coming in any situation, <h2-purple>from any direction<h2-purple>

Comprehensive training when lives depend on it

Improve de-escalation of force skills with over 1,250 video scenarios; hone marksmanship ability in a ballistically accurate simulator

Realistic, wireless BlueFire® simulators

The most realistic simulated weapons on the market today. Supports up to 20 weapons systems at the same time, including rifles, pistols, machine guns, Taser and chemical spray

Customized systems to meet your training requirements

Hit detection system, 5.1 realistic surround sound, transportable racks and up to 20 weapons supported are all standard features of the FATS 300LE

Upgrades Available

For agencies wanting to increase realism, system upgrades are available such as Lookback camera, unlimited number of additional handheld or weapon-mounted flashlights and the addition of The Hostile Fire System

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FATS® 300LE Immersive Training System

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