FATS® 100P Portable Training System

The best portable virtual trainer. Anywhere. Anytime. On the go.
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Compact, lightweight and easy-to-operate, this <h2-purple>turnkey small arms trainer<h2-purple> offers unprecedented mobility for judgmental training, including de-escalation of force scenarios, and 3D marksmanship

Always ready to go

No matter where your assignment sends you, the FATS 100P is ready to tag along in two rugged hand-carry cases the size of a large range bag for easy transportation, set-up and operation by one person

A turnkey training solution in the field

Combines 3D marksmanship training and judgmental de-escalation of force training. Features such as our patented Automatic Coaching and branching scenario options make this a robust platform

Integrated Video Authoring

Instructors can create, edit, score, load and run customer videos locally filmed in familiar locations

Target library for custom drills

Create custom drills reaching over 800 meters, providing the most ballistically accurate training on any simulator available to law enforcement

Day or Night

Multiple environments with the ability to train in both day and night settings. A flashlight option allows the user to turn any daytime course of fire into a low-light course

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FATS® 100P Portable Training System

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