FATS® Training Accessories

Additional equipment can improve trainee judgment and marksmanship
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Virtual training accessories increase realism and <h2-purple>test officer readiness<h2-purple>

Chemical Spray: Precision use of an alternative force

InVeris’ BlueFire® chemical spray looks, feels and functions like live spray with the added value that you can trace the results

Taser® X26: Providing needed practice with a critical alternative

InVeris’ BlueFire® Taser® X26 provides accurate displays of impact locations on the training screen while allowing full functionality of the laser designators. Built-in sensors determine actual Taser® X26 canting and trigger squeeze

Flashlight: Simulate night and low-light level training situations

Train in "night scenarios" without re-flming so that officers can learn how to manage a firearm and flashlight

Hostile Fire Simulator (HFS): A simulated “trial by fire.”

To stress cover and concealment, this optional simulator discharges projectiles at trainees, increasing their stress level

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