Law Enforcement Range Shooting Stalls

Provides Trainee Protection & Performance Improvement
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<h2-purple>The ultimate organization piece,<h2-purple> InVeris shooting stalls are customizable, interchangeable and convenient

Get your stalls to the SafeZone™. The best, most flexible stalls by design

Deeper than previous stalls, SafeZone offers pistol and rifle rated frames with interchangeable options including lighting, A/V communication systems, barricades for a premium experience.

Custom shooting stalls: Lanes designed your way.

Create clear stalls, solid stalls, stalls with texture and various materials such as wood, leather or vinyl. The possibilities are endless. Pistol and rifle rated frames to your specifications and theme

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SafeZone™ Shooting Stalls
Custom Shooting Stalls

Law Enforcement Live-Fire Training


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