RangeMaster™ Range Control Systems

Range communications: for safety's sake
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RangeMaster™: Indoor and outdoor ranges should have the <h2-purple>best communications systems available<h2-purple>

RangeMaster 10K (RM10K) range controller

Combines touch-screen technology and wireless communication to give instructors unprecedented control from any location in the range

RangeMaster 9000 (RM9K)

Write and store training scenarios that can be downloaded to an individual control unit at the firing line or operated from a central control booth

Aiphone® communication systems

Range operator and shooters can easily communicate while the operator can monitor changing safety conditions in real-time with options like a video remote station

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RangeMaster™ 10K (RM10K)
RangeMaster™ 9000 (RM9K)

Law Enforcement Live-Fire Training


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