Heavy Weapons – Carl Gustav, C16 & M72

Tactical heavy weapons simulation with incomparable precision
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Train realistically and cost-effectively with the <h2-purple>highest caliber weapons in the world<h2-purple>

Versatility in natures of ammunition

Troops are varied by tactical situation allowing more than one type of round per scenario, with ammunition allocation viewed on a split screen

Flexibility for real-life targets

Gets you closer  to the chaotic, non-linear nature of an assault, allowing off-screen, as well as on-screen, firing

Multiple sensors for improved evaluation

View performance through sensors showing settings, impact mode, elevation and more

Elimination of weapon sentry

Our patented Carl Gustav solution is a real weapon, permanently modified, preventing its use with live ammunition

Proven advanced technology to meet your training objectives

InVeris’ Carl Gustav expands the dimensions of training, combining the realism of weapon recoil with accurate portrayals of threats

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Heavy Weapons – M72
Heavy Weapons – C16
Heavy Weapons – Carl Gustav

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