FATS® 180MIL Virtual Training System

Put users in the action, facing realistic pressures while maintaining situational awareness
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The right equipment for fully immersive training: <h2-purple>3D marksmanship and judgmental training<h2-purple>

Train with military validation

The FATS 180MIL offers the same high-fidelity ballistic engine validated by the US Army, US Marine Corps and other defense customers, including military police

Increase the realism of training

Delivers 180-degree, high-definition projection on three borderless screens and 5.1 surround sound

Heighten awareness and ensure proper use-of-force responses

High definition imagery projected on every screen provides an immersive scenarios to prepare trainees for effective  decision-making within a safe, non-lethal environment

Enhanced weapon flexibility

The FATS 180MIL supports up to 30 simulated weapons, two per user,
including rifles pistols, machine guns and less-lethals

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FATS® 180MIL Virtual Training System

Military Virtual Training


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