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Proactive care of your investment <h2-purple>reduces downtime and protects your trainees<h2-purple>

Preventative Maintenance Services:

Q: What is included in an InVeris service visit?

A: During each visit, a Certified InVeris Training Solutions Technician will:

  1. Test, adjust, lubricate all lanes to ensure for proper operation of all components of the target systems.
  3. Clean the overhead track system of debris as required.
  5. Repair any non-functioning target lane or component thereof.
  7. Inspect all ballistic protection for improper wear and tear
  9. Provide the customer with basic instruction of maintenance, operation procedures and training on the system

Q: Are parts included with the service?

A: Parts will be supplied at an additional charge.

Q: How long is a service visit?

A: We estimate that we require one hour per lane to service your range.  If you have more than eight lanes and additional day will be charged. Additional days are available at an additional charge.

Q: Is a warranty included with the visit?

A: All work completed will be covered by a 90-day parts and labor warranty.

Other Services Available

Bullet Trap Cleaning –completed after-hours to reduce down time; London Metal Exchange (LME) reimbursement available

Full Range Cleaning - protect your investment with a full-scale cleaning service

Lead Abatement – remove the toxins from the range environment; London Metal Exchange (LME) reimbursement available

Spent Brass Recycling – eliminate casings from your facility while taking advantage of high return rates; London Metal Exchange (LME) reimbursement available

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