The InVeris FATS 100C Marksmanship Virtual Training System

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Comes with state-specific courseware that focuses on marksmanship drills and skills required for certification.

The InVeris FATS 100C Marksmanship is a virtual, projection-based weapons-handling range system designed to help officers practice for required qualifications while eliminating the cost of live practice ammunition.

The system couples basic to expert-level courses of fire, industry-leading BlueFire® simulated weapons or laser insert weapons, and impressive analytical skill feedback to help instructors perfect trainees’ skills at all levels, including shooting fundamentals, grip, sight alignment and picture, trigger control, and recoil management.

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Ensure effective marksmanship training through realism, meaningful feedback, and repetition

The 3 keys to effective training are:
Meaningful feedback
Meaningful feedback

The FATS 100C shows its value in all 3 areas by providing realistic training scenarios, real-time performance feedback, and the ability to practice reps conveniently and cost-effectively regardless of range availability.

The FATS 100C Marksmanship gives you:

Unlimited supply of virtual, environmentally-friendly firearm ammunition

Photorealistic 3D terrains and 3D targets (including “paper” targets)

Multiple environments, effects (weather and lighting), day and night settings

Ability to upload and display reference documents for trainees (Excel, PPT, Word, PDF)

An easy to transport, set-up, and use system for practicing required weapon skills almost anywhere

Support for up to 5 users training simultaneously, or 1-5 lanes that can be used for individualized and customized exercises

State-specific courseware (included) to ensure that expected skill levels are consistently met using high fidelity BlueFire simulated weapons

Advanced marksmanship software that displays courses, processes and stores course data, and enables real-time instructor monitoring of course/weapon feedback data

Supported BlueFire weapons* include:

Glock 17

Glock 19

S&W M&P 40

M4 / M4A1

Mossberg 500

SIG P320

*BlueFire simulated weapons can be purchased separately when not included in the initial bundle

Want the full specs and details?
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