De-escalation in the Digital Age:

How to leverage next-generation technologies to empower law enforcement officers to handle every situation


De-escalation is a critical skill for law enforcement officers who work in high-pressure situations. It can mean the difference between a safe resolution and a potentially dangerous or even deadly outcome.

De-escalation training benefits



decrease in use of force incidents



decrease in injuries to community members



decrease in officer injuries

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in the US toward implementing de-escalation
training as a means to improve use of force discretion by law enforcement officers. However, only 34% of law enforcement agencies had the budget they needed to afford regular training.

Our latest white paper discusses how next-generation technologies such as virtual reality (VR) can be used to maximize funds
and advance de-escalation training.

Some of the points detailed in the white paper include:

The subjects that must be covered in scenario-based training curricula as mandated by the Law Enforcement De-Escalation Training Act of 2022 (page 3)

The multiple factors that determine the outcome of any situation in which law enforcement is called to intervene (page 4)

The benefits of using a VR simulation training system such as InVeris SURVIVR® for critical, real-world preparation for de-escalation of force situations. (pages 5-6)

A table of de-escalation training requirements and how they can be addressed cost-effectively with a VR training solution (page 7)

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