All-new website, new case study series and still more to come

July 26, 2021

Written by Rebecca Hinton

Welcome to the all-new InVeris Training Solutions website. We couldn’t be more excited to share it and are confident it will better serve you, our valued military, law enforcement and commercial range customers. Those three primary audiences now benefit from a persona-driven experience right from the homepage to help streamline your online research here. You know who you are and we’re ready to show you quickly and easily how we can meet your most demanding requirements.

You will also notice more synergy in our approach to displaying virtual and life-fire products for our major markets. Virtual and live fire are part of a continuum of small-arms training and so we now present our portfolio to you in that seamless manner.

Elsewhere on the site, you will find a helpful new FAQ page, along with information on our legacy companies FATS® and Caswell. No other training company can match our legacy of innovation and customer service. All this is now delivered as a mobile-optimized experience that reflects the fact that we spend more time these days browsing on small form-factor devices, like smartphones, compared to traditional desktop and laptop computers. We’ve also integrated our social channels, so you can easily follow our news as we share it across platforms.

Something else you will be seeing more often: case studies about how InVeris solutions help real people solve real-world problems. We’ve included a preview below of our case study from Spaulding County, Georgia, where the FATS 180LE helped the local sheriff’s office upgrade and retool their training curriculum. The full case study is now available here, but you can enjoy a quick review below.

The Spaulding County case study is just the first of many to come. Watch this space for additional stories from Parma Armory in Ohio, St. John Parish in Louisiana and more.

How the InVeris Training Solutions FATS 180LE virtual simulator is changing law enforcement training in Spalding County, Georgia

Leveraging a mobile trailer unit donated from the school district, Spalding County had a facility to use, but lacked a training system that provided a realistic experience for county law enforcement. A FATS 180LE was the answer to the simulation puzzle, providing true-to-life scenarios for sworn officers and added value to the citizen academy efforts.

With a population around 66,000, Spalding sits in west-central Georgia. Residents enjoy “small town charm” surrounded by the natural beauty of lakes, scenic parks, trails and historic landmarks. Yet Spalding is also at the south end of the Atlanta metropolitan area, the ninth largest and one of the fastest growing in the United States, so “big-city amenities” are only about 45minutes away.

In 2019, Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix assigned Lieutenant Tony Little to develop more realistic training. Little believed that virtual simulators were the answer. At the state training center, he had witnessed the InVeris FATS 300LE wrap-around, five-screen immersive virtual simulator. While he was “wowed” by the realism, he felt that Spalding County needed a more compact system that would fit space limitations. He then looked at a similar, scaled-down version to InVeris’ FATS 300LE; the three-screen FATS 180LE delivered true-to-life, 180-degree, high-definition projection and 5.1 surround sound. Little appreciated that the three screens solved a critical requirement: officers must be ready to respond to an unexpected threat, coming in any situation, from any direction, at any time.

Two years after purchase, the Sheriff Office and its officers remain pleased with the decision to upgrade to the InVeris 180LE. Little enumerates the ways that the system has improved training efficiency and saved funds. As for de-escalation, Little answers, “We don’t have statistical evidence yet. But we have already noted that the system appears to have reduced escalation in local incidents.” The InVeris FATS 180LE clearly helps the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office live its purpose: “Protect with Courage. Serve with Compassion.”

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